Nathan Newton
Interested in Intermediate Sales & Intermediate IT roles
Certified in Science-Based Sales®

I Raced in The Nationals for the Cyclocross Championship.

I like to acquire wisdom in my spare time and knowledge in the meantime.

I have been trained by what Hubspot has rated one of the best sales programs in 2019! PreHIRED has me certified in Science-Based Sales℠. I'm looking forward to helping take you and your company to new heights!

I have undergone a thorough certification procedure and am already on the verge of mastering many different Science Sales tools and tactics. My CRM of choice is Hubspot, but I am very knowledgeable of others such as: SalesForce, Close.io, AgileFirst, Zoho, Zendesk and more! Lead Gen tools are the backbone of making this all work. I use: LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Angel.io, Hunter.io, Interseller, Prospect.io, and DiscoverOrg to name a few. I can also automate systems and increase work productivity through apps and websites such as: Outreach, Zoom, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Chorus.ai, Gong.io, Calendley, SalesLoft, Remoteok.io and more!

My goal is to make your company stand out through hard work and dedication. I've been working with people for years who have told me "Nathan, you should do sales!". I figured it's about time I take my knowledge and wisdom to new heights. I'm not only going to bring clarity to myself but also your company so we can have to best possible outcome in our sales! I'm a soon-to-be industry leader in clarifying and creating an atmosphere for buying, not selling. I'm here to help your team with any sales needs you have!

I hope to become a vital member of your company and am looking to make some fond memories of the people I will be working with! I am available to relocate or work remotely but would prefer to have a 'hybrid' job where I can travel to Tampa (or elsewhere in Florida) every now and then. I have completed preHIRED's course and have been certified in record time.

Other than that, here's a brief list of my hobbies!

  • Music production
  • Longboarding
  • Exploring
  • Learning
  • Cyclocross
  • Digital Design
  • Media Marketing
  • Software Engineering
  • New Technology
  • Runescape

For any more information, please feel free to reach out to me on any of my lines of communication!

Largo, FL
Enrolled in preHIRED Learn more

Work Experience

Lead Server

6 months

I've been working in Italian Fine Dining for a little over the better half of the year. I like to view myself as a wine salesman when working and I help my tables get the best selection.


3 months

I have been in contact with Prehired and am completing their program in record time.

Tech Stack













Google Drive

Google Calendar


Adobe Photoshop








Facebook Ads Manager


Personality Type


Carefully considers and crafts the things they work on. Sweats the details even if no one else sees them. Precise, and takes pride in their work.

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Nice resume. Cool bio and enjoyed reading your hobby overview.

5 mo. ago

Thanks Ian!

5 mo. ago
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