Hey There, I'm Nick Wild!

Science-Based Sales® Member looking to be a Rockstar at a Saas team!


I help people and businesses move their entire homes both locally in the South Florida and New York areas so my real passion is in sales! There's nothing more satisfying than helping people achieve a common goal. I've always had a passion for sales since childhood, selling anything I could get my hands on using the Craigslist platform, to going to car auctions with my family to pick up cars to sell online.

One of my first real sales jobs was in the B2B space. I've helped new business owners with getting financing for their businesses.

Nothing is better than being able to help a business owner achieve a goal so b2b is where I should be, I helped to design a course for a B2B fintech company that helped self-employed sales reps to learn how business owners can get financing for their businesses without going to a bank and go to them instead. Now I am looking for a new challenge and would LOVE to bring that hard-working attitude and desire to help into the world of SaaS!

I feel as though I can add value to a software sales team because I have a great base of knowledge to ramp up quickly for a sales team. I am coachable, hungry, resourceful, and competitive with a real desire to succeed.

In my off time, I'm a sci-fi nerd and I love to read about economics, psychology, and self-development books to keep a sharp edge on my competition. I currently am reading "Never Split The Difference" on Audible, and there's a lot I can use in my day-to-day sales! In my other off time, I occasionally play Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies on Xbox One.

Lake Worth Beach, FL
Inside Sales Representative
1 year

Loading prospects daily into a CRM called SmartMoving, Making over 50+ calls to leads and opportunities per day either for follow up about estimates, or new prospects looking to move in the next 30/60/90+ days. I'm also making over 50+ calls to leads and opportunities per day either for follow up about estimates, or new prospects looking to move in the next 30/60/90+ days.

Inside Sales/Operations
3 years

Handled mostly backend operations for a small alternative financing broker • Created policies and protocols using Trainual • Cleaned the internal companies pipeline using Pipedrive • Scrubbed email lists from a CSV or Google Sheet using Email Oversight for email marketing campaigns • Created and edited marketing videos using Camtasia and an iPhone • Learned, mastered, and successfully used Convertri to create websites for marketing • Created complete courses using Teachable for others

Awesome project

Describe in a few sentences what the project is and what you learned from it as it relates to the job you're trying to win.

Google Suite
Lead IQ
Linked In Sales Navigator

Thanks for reading my Crash page! Hope you liked what you saw and if you did, I'd love to chat sometime about how I can work with your company. Schedule a time that works best for you and we'll set it up!