Nick Rundlett
Interested in Intermediate Sales & Entry level Operations roles
Born to sell through authentic connection, high energy, and magic questions. May I please crush your quota?

I've been selling since I was a kid. It all started with collectibles, then food, lasers, precious metals, and now IT services.

Once I've learned the basic objections in an industry, my cold call skills are deadly.

I don't rely on brute force or play a numbers game in sales if I can help it. I strategically enter accounts through the back door in clever ways with minimal effort, and reap far greater rewards. That being said, I've made 147 calls in a day and don't mind the entertainment!

There's little that fulfills me more than sharing what I've learned in life with younger people, so that they can race ahead of me by the time they're my age. I'm constantly learning and growing into a wiser, stronger version of me. I love to connect deeply with others on the same path.

Presently, I'm in the market for a remote sales opportunity. I intend to shred my assigned quota and earn 6-figures my first year, and multiples the next.

Sales is a profession of numbers, objectively measurable and impossible to bullshit.

I'd like to do better for you than my last employer:

  • Generated $800,000+ in new opportunity margin, $200,000+ in closed won margin my first year as SDR
  • While managing 5 SDR's, generated $180,000+ in closed won margin my first year as Account Executive
  • My second year I handed the SDR team to my most competent hire, and achieved $200,000+ of closed won margin in Q1 alone.
Remote or Richmond, VA

Work Experience

Business Owner - N3RD Party, TTcoins

1 year

Sr. Sales Development Rep - Reliant Technology

1 year

SDR Sales Manager - Reliant Technology

6 months

Sr. Account Executive - Reliant Technology

2 years

Tech Stack


LinkedIn Sales Navigator




Personality Type


Bridges the gap between vision and execution. The one people turn to when they need something done and don’t know how to make it happen.

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Nick is a natural salesperson with a mad commitment to personal development, a strong sense of empathy, and a habit of clear communication.

5 mo. ago

I have known Nick for several years now, and his character and commitment are second to none. He is someone you can trust to not only do the job with integrity, but to daily strive to get better. He is committed to growth in a way few are.

He's one of those one my own "short list" to hire when I next have a fit!

5 mo. ago

Emily Cozzens

If St. Petersburg, FL sounds as good as "remote" or "Richmond, VA", give PandaDoc a shot. Would be sweet to see you heat up the competition here. ;)

5 mo. ago

Yes you may please crush my quota 😋

Your hustle is clear, why not go full-time with N3RD party??

5 mo. ago

Valid question many will ask! My answers below:

  1. I want 2-3 more years of experience working at a healthy functioning company to see what that looks like. I want to see how they grow, build culture, and absorb as much wisdom as I can.

  2. N3RD party generates a healthy profit with me working ~10 hours per week, and I think at this stage in my development I'd benefit from relegating it to a "nights and weekends" side-hustle instead of a full-time effort.

  3. I have a LOT still to learn. I really want to grow inside of a great team with people who're better than me to learn from them.

5 mo. ago
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