1) Pick a company you love

Don’t pitch any old job. Get excited! Zero in on a few places that will fuel your desire to create value for them. High-growth startups are great starting points.

2) Shoot a short custom video pitch

Smile and fun have fun! Tell ’em why you love them, and why you’ll be awesome. Maybe add a custom project or show exactly what you’ll do on the job.

3) Email it to a human

You can skip the online app….just get the email address of someone at the company and email your Crash pitch URL. Follow up every 2 days as needed.

Find companies

First, focus on companies that excite you. Follow your curiosities to create opportunities via Twitter and Rocketship Jobs, to find up and coming startups. Other great sites are Angel.co and BuiltIn. See more in our guide to startups.

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Start with 1. Get in the groove of pitching. Learn by doing. Quality over quantity. If you crush it, you could get hired right away!

From there maybe make a list of 5-10. No more spray and pray! Get personal with just a few places. You can always add more later, if you need to. But on average, Crashers get hired after 9 pitches.

Start pitching


Hey thanks!  Great question.

Here’s the practical answer: Just start making a pitch! Find a company you love, and shoot a video about why you’d be a great fit. You can also make a custom project.

You can also start the Crash Course. We’ll walk you through every step!

If you’re brand new trying to figure out your career, then start with either our Discover quiz to start figuring out your role type (e.g. sales, operations). 

Here’s the philosophical answer: Have an action bias. No matter where you are in your job hunt, just do something! You’ll build momentum. Imperfect action is better than waiting for perfect. This avoids procrastination.

Why not? Companies love pitches because pitching is about customization. Consider two examples:

Personal Pitch: “Hey, Acme, Inc., my name’s Bob. I’ve been using your product for three months to do XYZ, and put together a short video to let you know why I love it…”

Generic Resume/Cover Letter: “To whom it may concern, my name is Bob. I recently graduated with honors with a degree in XYZ, and I’d make a great candidate.”

Which one is better? Of course, the personal pitch! Pitches get 80% response rates. And cold resume blasting gets 1% response rates. Don’t make the 3 job search mistakes!

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Yes, definitely do this!  This is a chance to signal that you are extra creative, and that you are thinking about that company’s mission and goals. Pitching a sales role? Create a list of leads. Pitching a design role? Create a new website or logo. Here are 4 project ideas. 

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A few tips:

  1. Smile! 
  2. Talk about the company! 
  3. Tell ‘em why you’ll be a great fit
  4. Learn more.

Totally up to you! We find the most bang for your buck is to pitch a company directly. 5 pitches beats 500 applications! Tell the company why you love them and what you can do for them. You’ll always win with a pitch (even if you don’t get that job).

For a general pitch, you could make a video about why you’re a great candidate for a role type like customer success. Include links to your body of work, tech tools you know, maybe a reference. Here’s an example!

Build a portfolio

Short answer: just start! If you don’t have much right now, no sweat! Just add 1 project at a time, and soon you’ll look up with a rich lineup of projects that signal your creative gumption.

There are no “musts” or “have-tos” with Crash. But a tech stack signals you’re primed and ready to go with the tools that company is already using for a given role. Here’s how to learn software quickly, if you need to pump yours up! And here’s how another Crasher did it. (Learn more)

Think back to past supervisors, co-workers, coaches, professors. Just send them a short, polite note asking for 2-3 sentences to add to your pitch. (Learn more).

Send the pitch

Nah you don’t need to. But it’s also okay to follow the rules and click “apply” if you really want to. In that case, when they ask for a resume, attach a PDF or Word document that just lists the URL for your Crash pitch! Learn more.

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Tips to Pitch (quick videos)

Tips to Pitch a Marketing Role

Tips to Pitch a Marketing Role

(maybe create an email sequence)

Tips to Pitch a Design Role

Tips to Pitch a Design Role

(maybe just make a cool logo)

Tips to Pitch a Software Engineering Role

Tips to Pitch a Software Engineering Role

(maybe build a product feature)

Tips to Pitch an Operations Role

Tips to Pitch an Operations Role

(maybe show a new tech tool)

Tips to Pitch a Customer Success Role

Tips to Pitch a Customer Success Role

(maybe make an FAQ page)

Tips to Pitch a Sales Role

Tips to Pitch a Sales Role

(maybe make a leads list)