Success Stories

Eugene Fernandez

Eugene started side projects like a podcast to build his online footprint. He then thoroughly researched companies he liked, pitched, and landed an awesome role. Read more.

Hunter Casillas

Hunter Casillas opted out of college. At 18, he taught himself to code and started his own business. He then pitched a startup job with a creative video involving a trampoline. Read more.

Gregory Williamson

Gregory Williamson had three years previous experience working in fast food, then he started pitching companies for sales roles. He made a little custom project and he got the role within a week. Read more.

Amanda Jones

Amanda busted through the door of a marketing career by making her job hunt a marketing campaign! With the campaign and Crash pitches, she made lots of connections on social media and landed a full-time role. Read more.

Bailey Heldfond

Bailey blogged for 30 days, created videos of tech tools she was learning, and created custom graphic design to establish a body of work that made her too good to ignore. Read more.

Kasen Wyson

Kasen showed his persistence and creativity after getting laid off due to the pandemic. Using Crash he landed his dream job as a marketing coordinator within 2 weeks. Read more.

Silas Mahner

Silas sent several custom pitches yet with minimal time effort. Through pitching and networking, he landed an awesome job with no college degree. Read more.

Joseph Pas

"They hired me on the strength of my body of work, specifically my blog posts." Joseph left college and broke into a career based on his portfolio of projects, soft skills like empathy and humor, and personalized pitching. Read more..

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan was riding bikes delivering sandwiches before he broke into a Customer Success career. After getting laid off, he found Crash and ran an empowered job hunt, landing a job in a few weeks. Read more.

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