Resumes are dead.

It now takes average of 150 resumes sent to get one interview.
You can do 50x better with Crash video pitches.

Hiring managers want something different.

  • 85% say your personality matters as much as your skills
  • 86% say they want to see projects and links to your digital body of work
  • 89% say they want video
 Time to show them!

It's working.

Crash user get an 80% response rate on pitches. Imagine getting a response to 4 out of 5 emails? Pretty different from your current process, right?

Better yet, Crash users average one interview for every 3 pitches. That’s a 50X improvement from the traditional application model.

We built Crash for job seekers like you. 

How'd we get here?

Our mission is to help you discover and do what makes you come alive.

The team behind Crash spent a decade helping thousands of people launch careers. We’ve done coaching, resume guidance, programs, and even started a bootcamp to help job-seekers.

Along the way we learned something: resumes don’t work.

Candidates who send a customized video pitch win much better jobs much faster and have more fun doing it. So we built Crash to help as many job-seekers as we can.

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Real people. Real results.

No, actually! We’ve seen thousands of people land interviews without a resume. Even if the job posting says “required,” you can get around that. It’s not set in stone. Companies really want value creators!

It’s not! There’s no magic pill here, but if you put just a little effort in and send a video pitch, you’ll get a response 80% of the time, (esp. when you follow up).

They might have a bias to hire YOU because you went above and beyond. ; ) But yeah, anything is possible because humans are imperfect…. But if you apply the normal way, won’t they see your face anyway? Check out TK Coleman’s take in this clip!