Raajas Sode
Interested in Entry level IT & Entry level Software Engineering roles
I am willing to do what it takes to deliver top quality work. I do not shy away from overtime and If you give me a task I know nothing about, I make sure I know everything about it and complete it by the given deadline.

I love working on cutting edge technology. Technology that can make change. That has the potential to change the way people think , enterprises function and influence peoples lives. And I am prepared to go all the way.

Remote, Excited to relocate anywhere in the world

Work Experience

Production Intern - Frames Productions

3 months

Handle Logistical Issues and processes. Simply put I get people what they need in order to help them do their job well.

Data Engineer - DIGR LLC

1 year

Creating Automated Data Collection and Transformation Jobs for Client software's daily data dumps in Talend.

Also work in Java, AWS CLI, SQL (Snowflake) and Python.

Personality Type


Prefer to have the ball in their court. Drives initiatives and processes to close deals. Ability to connect with many people and maintain relationships at scale.

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