Rohan Morar
Interested in Entry level Sales & Entry level Operations roles
I'm excited to continue learning sales while helping customers at your company!

Hey there, I’m Rohan! As a kid, I sold cookie dough door to door.

I sold 30 tubs on my first day and was amazed at how much I loved selling.

At 16, I launched my first e-commerce store, where I cold-called prospects and ran ad campaigns.

I’m excited to jump into an opportunity where I can build my sales skills further.

Let’s talk about what I can do for you!

Remote or United States
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Work Experience

Inventory Specialist - Suraj LLC

4 years
Personality Type


Excellent research capabilities. Uses tools, systems, and processes to understand people and situations.

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Awesome to see tech skills and sales interest combo!

1 mo. ago

Hey, Rohan! Awesome job with your profile! Found an SDR job at a startup in Austin you might be interested in!

30 day ago

Thank you very much, Morgan! This job looks great!

30 day ago

Awesome to hear. Would be a neat one to create a pitch for!

30 day ago
The best hires are
making Crash profiles.

Resumes are boring. Show your stuff.

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