Rose Ackerman
Interested in Entry level Sales & Entry level Marketing roles
I want to connect with you and build up your company. I work hard and learn on the go, making me the ideal candidate for all of your marketing or sales needs.

Hi! I’m Rose, and I’m driven to succeed and learn. From working as a salesperson in retail to head prep cook in a restaurant, I’ve shown I can gain the skills I need to accomplish any task. When I became interested in marketing, I networked with marketing professionals and asked them about their work, then wrote an eBook about my findings. Now, I post on my personal blog to market myself to the world. I’m interested in marketing or sales roles, and I want to work with you to see what we can accomplish together!

Excited to relocate anywhere in United States or Remote
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Work Experience

Videographer -- Pawley's Island Community Church

6 months

Every week at the Sunday morning service, I ran camera for Pawleys Island Community Church (PICC). It was my job to come in before the service, set up the camera, and film the duration of the sermon. I would also edit the video and get it to the pastor promptly. While running the camera, I was trusted with quality video and audio equipment and showed myself competent. I was responsible for what equipment I took home, and I was reliable in getting it safely back to the church. I regularly got the video finished in one or two days, and if there was ever any cause for delay, I informed my pastor immediately. Running camera is one of my favorite things I've ever done regularly. I grew my video skills, proved myself to be productive, dependable, consistent and trustworthy.

Audio/Visual Technician -- Pawley's Island Community Church

2 years

Each week, I ran the soundboard and ProPresenter for worship during the high school and middle school youth group gatherings. I coordinated with the worship band to make sure everyone was on the same page with lyrics and adjusted their audio throughout the worship session.

Small Group Leader -- Pawley's Island Community Church

2 years

I led a high school freshman girls' small group and a middle school girls' small group on a weekly basis while at Pawleys Island Community Church. This involved reading aloud, presenting questions to the group and opening discussions, and leading a closing prayer. This role challenged me to relate with girls younger than me, lead them well as a good role model, and communicate effectively.

Barista and Barista Trainer -- Starbucks

1 year

Starbucks' mission is to nurture the human spirit -- one cup, one person and one neighborhood at a time. I work with customers to make sure they are getting the order that they want, but it's more than that: I connect with them as human beings. I ask questions about their life and get to know them. When I'm not helping customers, I'm expected to work hard, fast and efficiently, whether that's brewing coffee and making drinks, or sweeping floors and maintaining the beauty of the store. I'm also a certified barista trainer, so I am someone that helps the new hires learn how to do that as well. Starbucks is a challenging, fast-paced environment where you constantly have to be focused and aware. I love it.

Costco -- Seasonal Bakery Wrapper

3 months

I took a seasonal position at Costco so I could focus on my Praxis projects. This was my first commercial employment. I loved the professional environment. As a wrapper in the bakery, there is a huge emphasis on speed and efficiency. I was expected to get my tasks done in a timely manner and be clean and professional. I loved the challenge of the learning curve of being in a corporate environment rather than small business, and the high expectations placed on me.

Head Prep Cook -- Momma Rabbit's Nibbles and Sips

1 year

My responsibilities as a prep cook at Momma Rabbit's included completing all prep opening and closing duties, taking down food inventory, and making all prep food for the day. I regularly challenged myself personally to make everything as fast as I can, be friendly and cooperative with coworkers, and have a positive attitude even during the stressful moments that happen in a restaurant kitchen. The experience I have had at Momma Rabbit's has encouraged me to improve my communication skills, memory, speed and time management, and organization.

Salesperson -- Elegantz INC

6 months

Elegantz is a women and men's boutique and art gallery, dedicated to making every customer feel equally happy and satisfied with every purchase. As a salesperson, my main job was welcoming the customers in, being as friendly as can be, and making sure they found exactly what they were looking for. You don't always know what you want when you walk into a clothing store; it was my job to help you figure that out. I also put all new inventory in our computer system and placed everything out on the sales floor. Keeping the sales floor clean and presentable on a daily basis was another one of my duties. This job was an incredible experience for me. I learned how to make conversation with people I had never met. I learned the importance of keeping a professional appearance and manner. And, best of all, I learned what it's like to have a job for the first time. I couldn't ask for a better experience.


Pro-JECT: Interviewing Startups About Their Marketing Process

For the month of December 2018, I set myself the goal of interviewing five different startups about their marketing process and composing it into an eBook.


Pro-JECT: Facebook Page

The Facebook page I ran for an entire month marketing my eBook, posting daily marketing tips and tricks.


Interview Kickstart Marketing Value Proposition

A marketing strategy I created as a value proposition for Interview Kickstart.


What I Have Learned in the World of Design

I've completed three major design projects. Here is where I shared what I learned from each of them.


I Produced a Music Video for My Friend's EP

My good friend Aaron made an EP. So I made him a music video... turned short film.


Short Film: Kindred Spirits

A short film contest entry, edited with Adobe Premiere Pro, published on YouTube.


How I Improved My Copywriting Skills

I looked at the good copywriting of two websites to come up with a formula to do it well. Here’s what I learned.


What I’ve Learned from Thirty Days of Blogging

Thirty days of sitting down at my computer to write a post. Here’s what I’ve learned, from these thirty days and how you can apply it to your next writing challenge.


Don’t Be Afraid to Share a Helpful Opinion (Landing Page Critique)

A blog post where I critiqued a landing page and talked about how to share good, strong feedback.


Four Things I Learned From Interviewing My Manager

I completed a month long project for Praxis where I learned about connections, social/emotional intelligence, and interviewed my manager. Here's my wrap up post.


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