Hey there, I'm Robert Bertrand

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I am a passionate detail oriented individual with a ton of hard-earned life experience. I love working with people and finding solutions to complex problems. I'm ready and willing to join a team of other highly motivated individuals and offer my strengths and knowledge however I can.

I bring:

Over 9 years of extensive knowledge in the Healthcare Technology field and 14 years of experience in electronics and computers through the United States Navy.

Certification as an Advanced Biomedical Repair Technician trained by the DOD and a Bachelor's degree from SIU Carbondale in Technical Resource Management.

Knowledge and experience with SEO, email marketing, brand development, and audience cultivation.

Understanding and knowledge of Continuous Improvement programs, risk management, and labor relations.

I am:

Proven to be adept at finding creative solutions to unique problems.

Someone who thrives in high-stress environments.

Able to adapt and excel with new systems.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and children, exploring historical sites, and the occasional beach vacation.

Excellent research capabilities. Uses tools, systems, and processes to understand people and situations.
Mount Vernon, IL
Sailor - United States Navy
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Brief run through of a sales call designed to set up a demo with an account executive.

Cold Call Video

Cold call or "smart call" attempting to set up a 15 minute sales meeting.

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