Hey Gamesight,
I'm Sasha Patel.

I am incredibly passionate about marketing, gaming, and community engagement. In addition, I have experience helping to solve customer problems and ensuring they receive the best experience possible. While also being knowledgeable in content creation, project management, and a variety of tech tools such as Trello, Google Sheets, and creating ads with Facebook and Canva. This is why I believe I would be perfect for the Influencer Coordinator position.

I Created and Marketed a Podcast

Over the course of a month, I interviewed professionals in marketing and operations positions on my podcast in order to learn more about the skills they use to succeed. Then I utilized that knowledge to run and market my podcast, all while creating a guide on how to create a podcast.

I Designed Instagram Ads for Water Buffalo

Due to their minuscule Instagram presence, I created some Instagram ads for Water Buffalo. I did this in order to add a greater Instagram presence to the company, gain new customers, and enhance their target audience parameters.