Sean O'Donnell
Interested in Intermediate Design & Entry level Operations roles
Creativity is not what I do, either all the time or just when I need a break; creativity is how I live.

Creativity is the common theme that runs throughout my daily endeavors. I am fluent in multiple kinds of software, and am an expert with Adobe photoshop and its open source alternative GIMP in conjunction with the Microsoft and Google office suite(s). I enjoy creating via Wordpress and SimDif, collaborating on Behance (creatively) and LinkedIn (professionally), and sharing updates on new projects on platforms including Flickr and Instagram.

Excited to relocate anywhere in CA or Remote

Work Experience

Digital Internship - Backpacker Magazine; Active Interest Media. Further info about AIM:

6 months

Concept Artist/Creative - Hobbyist (Intermediate proficiency on "multiple canvasses")

4 years
Personality Type


Prefer to have the ball in their court. Drives initiatives and processes to close deals. Ability to connect with many people and maintain relationships at scale.

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