Shawn Oliver SDR for Hire - Science-Based Sales® Professional at preHIRED looking to join a purpose-driven SaaS team.

I thrive at grasping effective processes for efficient work-flow until that becomes a working part of the mind. This frees me up to focus on individuals and groups at a human level. Whether I am presenting a new housewares line item to a large retail customer base, guiding my guests into wine and course pairings, or setting up purchase orders for a complete build of materials, the solution is always about what’s in the best interest of whom I serve. I enjoy finding the perfect solution for people and care about how that solution comes to be.

What I care about is what you want in your future and what I can do to help with that. I have great enthusiasm for new technologies and a strong desire to start a sales career. I have been equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and traits needed to be a top-performing SDR. I’ve learned how to better connect with the individual to present thoughtfully and carefully researched solutions. I foster trust in the relationship by allowing space for clarity and transparency. My tendency toward organization and consistency allows me to transmit what I learn. My desire to contribute and help others allows me to operate with heart and by example. I intend to lead a top-performing sales team within two years.

When I'm not immersed in growth through tech sales, I spend a great deal of time studying tradition and wisdom toward spiritual development. I also like to support local shows, meditate on the beach, and occasionally make art that nobody sees.

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE

Science-Based Sales® Professional in training at preHIRED.

I'm learning the tools, skills, and workflow to generate quality leads for the right SaaS team.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Microsoft Office
3 months

Researched and replicated sales systems from preHIRED’s Science-Based Sales® methodology. This process covers the following parts of the sales development process:

  • Prospection - to generate a high quantity & quality of sales leads.
  • Qualification - to ensure alignment between buyer and seller.
  • Discovery - to dive deep into goals, challenges, and solutions.
  • Advisory - to uncover value/insight, create urgency, remove barriers, and close deals if there is a mutual fit between the buyer and seller. Science-Based Sales® messaging for calls, meetings/demo calls, social media, and emails. Trained on over 20+ tools including CRMs, lead generation, sales automation, and productivity tools.
Orion Chandelier
3 years

Coordinated inventory and materials management between fabrication, assembly, and packaging for a custom lighting manufacturer in Santa Ana, CA.

-Kept updated inventory checks against each BOM per project. -Conducted quality assurance and report to production management. -Review packaging plan shipping processes.

Certified Manufacturer Technical Representative by Underwriters Laboratory

Lead Server
3 years

Lead Server at this beautiful Japanese Restaurant located on PCH in Laguna Beach, CA.

-Attended daily meetings with the Chef for menu updates, content education, and seasonal offerings. -Ensured optimal guest experience by warmly welcoming guests and directing service correctly and efficiently. -Trained new servers by involving them deeply with the menu and company culture.

On Set Management
2 years

Freelance Production Assistant with this Dallas based agency representing behind the scenes talent for commercial photo shoots.

-Assisted photographers and stylists with logistics and execution. -Coordinated and managed props and merchandise samples for on-demand utilization. -Worked with Art Directors and Set Designers for the construction and decoration of constantly changing scenes.

Neighborhood Services Tavern
2 years

Server at this vibrant establishment serving honest food and drink in the American tradition.

-Created research-informed product presentations on every spirit and beverage product we served. -Attained a working knowledge of every ingredient of each plate to serve our seasonal menu better. -Enthusiastically assisted other staff members in achieving efficient operations during peak volume periods of service.

Park Restaurant
1 year

Server at Eames style designed modern American dining in the Knox Henderson entertainment district of Dallas, TX.

-Leveraged drink knowledge to make craft beer recommendations for diners. -Extensive study through tastings and research into characteristics and backgrounds of every wine offered to guests. -Developed a superior menu and product knowledge, focusing on locally sourced ingredients and their respective purveyors.

Show Marketing International
1 year

Manufacturers Representative and Regional Unit Manager for this North American housewares manufacturer and distributor based in North Texas.

-Performed trade show style sales demonstrations of specialty houseware line items in partnership with national retail chains. -Developed company-wide training material for new campaigns consistent with company branding. -Coordinated regional deployment of staff, inventory, and other assets for directed productivity.

Wise Counselor
Transfers knowledge to people to help them solve problems. Has the ability to create accurate mental models and understand how to best work with each individual.

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