Hey there, I'm Stirling Burnett

I’m ready to put my communication skills to use in a results-oriented customer service position on your team!


Hi, I’m Stirling! I have over three years of customer service experience and another three years of organizational and time management skills. To go along with these skills, I am in a Human Resources Role at Rifle Paper Company. There are two things you should remember about me— My dedication to the result I can create for my customers and my strong communication skills. I place such a high importance on developing strong communication skills that, for the past year, I’ve been taking American Sign Language classes and immersing myself in my local deaf community. This type of dedication and passion for learning and taking every challenge with heed is the kind of energy I want to bring to your company. Let’s talk customer service and operations roles!

Personality Type
Overcomes all obstacles that prevent the completion of a task, process, or goal. Focuses intently on the finish line.
Dallas, TX, or Austin, TX


Stylist - Impeccable Pig Boutique
3 months
I greeted every customer who walked through our stores doors. I would help find items they were looking for and show our other products that they might enjoy.
HR Assistant - Rifle Paper Co
6 months
As the HR Assistant, I helped the team wherever needed. However, only two months into my apprenticeship my three team members (HR Manager, Office Manager, and Staffing Coordinator) went on maternity leave until the new year. This leaves me managing anything and everything HR and office management related.
Cashier - H-E-B Grocery Store
3 years
As a cashier for three years, I prided myself on excellent customer service. I was awarded the summer of 2017 for my dedication to giving great customer service. I also had the fastest IPM's in the store. Not only was I a cashier, but I ran the self-checkout stand most days.
Nanny - Family Nanny
2 years
I helped families care for their children by taking them to after school activities, teaching them American Sign Language, going on outing in the community, and anything else the family might need help with.
Apprentice Bootcamp
6 months
Six months of learning how to brand myself, stepping out of my comfort zone with new software and projects, and embracing the real work word.
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