Hey Township,
I'm Chase Taake.

I'm an innovator at heart. I'm also an entrepreneur by practice. Being a part of a company where I can use my operational skills learned as an entrepreneur for a company that innovates... Well. That's perfect.

Past Owner of Miniature Golf Course

As the owner of a miniature golf course in the past, I learned the skills of time management, making sure responsibilities are completed, identifying problems and create solutions, and what it takes to be an amazing remote office manager 😉

Documented Starting a Podcast in 30 Days with SOP's and Advise Within Blog Posts!

This journey I would say showcases my ability to strategize and organize. Day one I laid out a strategy for my podcast, with deadlines and these deadlines were always met which kept me on track. The strategy kept the same endgoal, but as I learned the strategy changed and got stronger. Through my successes and failiures, the end SOP and advise I give to future podcasters is super strong.