Tate Anagnos
Interested in Entry level Sales & Entry level Marketing roles
I am a value-creating machine that feeds on challenge. I’m excited to apply my manual labor work ethic to the startup world!

Hey, I’m Tate! I started working in manual labor jobs when I was 14, where I built a muscle for hard work. I’ve gained customer service skills through my work as a valet, operational skills running my own business doing lawn care, and sales skills through selling my landscaping services and selling Christmas trees. More recently, I’ve focused my energy on developing my hard technical skills -- including by launching and running an experimental digital marketing campaign. I’m interested in operations and marketing roles, and I’m excited to join your team!

What I Can Do For Your Company:

-Put hard work into building a genuine, quality relationship with each customer.

-Analyze data, form/tweak strategy, and create the "big picture view" for the customer.

-Work with the customer on any issue they have. Everything from website creation to interpreting data to assuaging a problem to just being someone they can talk to.

Excited to relocate anywhere in the world
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Work Experience

Valet - Hotel Bella Grace

6 months

Taught me service with a smile. The customer is always right. How much money you make correlates directly to how value is created with each interaction.

Lawn Care - Independent Employer

1 year

Mowing, Weed Eating, Leaf Blowing etc. Focused on identifying and delivering on whatever the client needed done.

Christmas Tree Worker - Appalachian Evergreens

3 years

Moving trees, directing and greeting guests. Built my mental toughness/endurance as well as my customer service skills.

Odd Jobs - Various Independent Employers

4 years

Anything I could get my hands on. Resurfacing driveways, cleaning gutters, house renovation, snow removal, dishwasher, clean high windows etc. These jobs accommodated my natural drive to be productive. I made sure I was never just sitting around, wasting time when I had the opportunity/ability to make money.


Marketing Campaign for “Worn” | Tate Anagnos

An experimental marketing campaign aimed at growing the online presence of a small business in Charleston.

Link: https://www.tateanagnos.com/worn-in-charleston-project

Analyzing Data Mini Project | Tate Anagnos

I analyzed excel spreadsheets from two businesses to find trends and make a conclusion based in fact.

Link: https://www.tateanagnos.com/analyzing-data-mini-project

What It Takes To Succeed In Sales | Tate Anagnos

Sales is not for everyone. Fortunately, for entry level positions, the soft skills someone can implement in the job are more important than the hard technical skills.

Link: https://www.tateanagnos.com/post/understanding-sales-what-it-takes-to-be-successful

30 Days of Blogging | Tate Anagnos

I focused on improving my written communication by writing at least one blog a day, for a month.

Link: https://www.tateanagnos.com/30-days-of-blogging

What It Takes To Be In Marketing | Tate Anagnos

Even though marketing has changed immensely in the past decade, there are few soft skills that will always be needed in order to be successful. Skills that I also happen to possess.

Link: https://www.tateanagnos.com/post/understanding-marketing-what-it-takes-to-be-successful

What It Takes To Be Successful In Customer Success | Tate Anagnos

Customer Success is often overlooked, but still important to any growing enterprise.

Link: https://www.tateanagnos.com/post/understanding-customer-success-what-it-takes-to-be-successful

What Makes A Good Landing Page | Tate Anagnos

Landing pages dictate the first impression of a business and build trust. A great business could have a bad landing page and because of it, never get the recognition they deserve.

Link: https://www.tateanagnos.com/post/what-makes-a-good-landing-page

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Bridges the gap between vision and execution. The one people turn to when they need something done and don’t know how to make it happen.

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