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“This is BY FAR the best and coolest application I’ve ever seen in over 20 years of reviewing applications. You absolutely blew me away and made my morning.”

– Recruiter, in an email to a Crasher

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Why Crash pitches win

Cover letters are meant to be specific to each job, but somehow they still feel generic. Here’s why video pitches win interviews faster.

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Immediately show them why you’re excited to apply for the role. Use video to show the real you, not just the cover letter. Hiring managers constantly tell us they want to see this.

An impressive, relevant project

Create a sample project unique to the company—this is very hard to ignore. At the least, showcase quality work you’ve created in the past.

Your “tech stack”

Software has eaten the world. The people reviewing your application knows these logos. Make it obvious which tools you’re mastering.

A short testimonial

A past supervisor or coworker saying something positive about you—it’s called social proof, and it speaks in ways you can’t.

An easy, obvious call-to-action

If someone has to think about what to do next, they probably won’t. Make the next step in the process obvious and easy to follow.


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Nothing screams, “Interview this person!” like a targeted pitch made just for the person receiving it, showing what you’d do just for them.
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