Hey Superformula,
I'm Waris Hussain.

I'm a passionate product designer, who fulfils user needs while achieving business goals, and creates a simple and effective product.

Creating a charity app in 30 days

I designed a charity app where people can explore cause-based charities and donate to them.

Writing and publishing an ebook in 30 days

I wrote, edited, published and even sold the first copy of a handbook on productivity, all within a month!

When I first met Waris, I saw the same drive & hunger that I saw in myself. One of my favorite reasons for working with Waris was his ability to bring tasks to completion. Every single project I gave to Waris, he ran with it and blew expectations out the window. His ability to combine creativity with business driven results is an asset any team or company is lucky to have!

LJ Stojanovski Jr
Supervised Waris

Thank your for your time, I would love to continue our conversation. Click the button below to schedule a call with me!