Hey there,
I'm Surovi Yasmin.

I am looking to expand into Customer Success and Business Development roles to work closely with clients in order to ensure their success!

Microsoft Excel
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Microsoft Office
1.5 years

I was responsible for leading a team of 20 to ensure the daily success of sales associates and customers. Sales team’s quotas were met through hands on coaching. I ensured customer success through engagement for feedback and measuring employee performances. Strong teamwork and communication skills were encouraged and practiced to maintain company culture and ensure customer satisfaction.

6 months

I ensured high standard of customer care when serving attendees. Strong safety procedures were always followed to assure cleanliness of food handling. Marketed brand awareness through 1-on-1 engagement with attendees. In order to increase attendee satisfaction, food were assembled to be visually appealing and presented with confidence.

3 months

I operated point of sales system to ensure an efficient customer experience. Customers were assisted and educated in finding proper product solution and fit to increase satisfaction. Merchandise were organized regularly to maintain a visually appealing sales floor. Increased growth of customer brand loyalty by communicating brand values.

Surovi is a hard-worker who puts care and pride into her work. She cares about the overall goals of her team and takes on additional tasks to ensure completion. She also encourages people to take pride in their work and boosts morale naturally. As a co-worker, she is very friendly and approachable which made her a pleasure to work with.

Jazzmine Bustamante
Senior Community Associate