Hey there,
I'm yaswanthkumar Gothireddy.

Data scientist certified in Big Data Analytics and Optimization, implemented Machine Learning and Deep Learning on large scale text and signal data, passionate about Data story-telling, looking for full time Data science roles starting immediately.

Artificial Intelligence Intern
6 months
  • Implemented Machine Learning and Deep Learning models for classification of wheel configurations using Sensory Data.
  • Implemented ensemble models, Convolutional Neural Networks, Linear models, etc. using TensorFlow and Scikit-learn.
  • Programmed Robust Data Pipelines utilizing Data science Techniques such as Cross-validation and optimization.
  • Gained Hands-on experience on TensorFlow, Tensorboard, and python programming.
Graduate Research Assistant
6 months

Mined 40GB of patent claims data using NLP techniques and Google BigQuery.
Scrapped 4000+ movie ratings from Rottentomatoes.com using Scrapy in Python.

Yaswanthkumar is extremely serious and high skilled data scientist who worked with me on a research project. He is very committed to the deadlines, and the quality of his job is undoubtedly excellent. He knows Python, Deep learning, R, and different techniques of data sciences very well. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with him.

Hamid Mazloomi
Professor and Head of Strategy and Innovation Department, Rennes School of Business. Worked with him as a Graduate Research Asisstant