Zeena Greene
Interested in Entry level Sales roles
Science-Based Sales® Analyst looking to join an awesome software sales team.

I've always had a passion for two things: learning and helping others. My regular volunteer work has satisfied one of those passions, but the other has been left out when it comes to my career. Therefore, in my effort to continue growing and developing as an individual, I enrolled into the PreHIRED software sales course. The skills that I have learned have prepared me to take the next step in my career, and to finally have a position that is fulfilling and satisfying.

Being a millennial, I have always realized that technology is our future. However seeing the format in which it's received change from CD's to subscription software, opening up an entirely new frontier of services, was fascinating. I have had an unquenchable curiosity for SaaS ever since, from wanting to know how code is written, to marketing and selling the completed product. The catalyst was released, and a desire to change my profession was inevitable.

I have had the opportunity to work in Inbound Sales remotely for a private company. I received 50+ calls per shift, and utilized Salesforce to manage my contacts and close tickets. This experience was eye opening, and led to me seeking out further skills and training to expound upon my knowledge. Thanks to the preHIRED program, after spending over five years in financial services, I am more ready than ever to enter into the next phase of my career.

Excited to relocate anywhere in TX
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3 months

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator











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